State of the Art I

Course Name

State of the Art I: English Literature and Culture, 1500-2016





Course date

semester 1 (2017 - 2018)

Registration open until

- 22/08/2016


Universiteit Utrecht


dr. Marguerite Corporaal (RUN) + dr. Paul Franssen (UU) + prof. dr. Ton Hoenselaars (UU) + dr. Kristine Johanson (UvA) + dr. Kristine Steenbergh (VU)

E-mail Contact

prof. dr. Ton Hoenselaars

Course objectives

Completing the course successfully, the student will know what kinds of research are currently being conducted in the field of English Literature and Culture at Dutch universities and beyond. The student will know about the conditions of that research (state of the art, the individuals active in the field), and will be familiar with a number of sources that need to be consulted to conduct that research. The student has experience to identify a research problem, to formulate this orally and on paper, and to conduct individual explorations. The student will be in an ideal position to prepare and write an MA paper that deserves the epithet ‘State of the Art’.

Course content

This course enables ambitious MA students to explore in depth an area in the field of English Studies that may play a vital role in their future careers, as teachers, writers, translators, or as researchers of the future. Engaging for 8 weeks with Dutch anglicists from the 6 universities in the country to study and discuss the research these academics produce, the theoretical considerations that lie at its basis, and to explore the instruments of this research (library, internet resources et al.), enables the students to develop an insight into the field of English Studies at large, as well as the state of the art in their future profession. This course also helps students to develop their own research ideas, and to develop their skills to move beyond their familiarity with the literary sources, into the archives, and to write convincingly about their findings.


Work formats: Lecture, seminar, individual research


Study load

7 ECTS (= 196 hours)

Seminars: 7 x 4 = 28 hrs

Preparation and work per week 8 x 10 = 80 hrs

7 Research exercises 7 x 9 = 63 hrs

Individual research project 1 x 25 hrs

Background Literature and Course Materials

Background Literature and Course Materials: to be announced

Costs: No costs for students. Materials will be made available.

Further information

Course dates: 7 four-hour meetings, on Friday (morning or afternoon), spread over an 8-week period. The student prepares the required reading for the lecture and seminar, and every week, afterwards, makes a small assignment related to the lecture. Additional meetings may be planned to meet student requirements.

Exact dates:
7, 14 , 21 en 28 October.
4, 18 en 25  November 13.15-17.00

All meetings will take place at Drift 21, room 1.04, except for november 18, which will be located at Drift 23, room 0.12

You can download the course syllabus here.