General information

You can enrol for our courses during the following periods:

Semester 1: June 13 2021 to September 25 2021
Semester 2: October 24 to January 8 2022

Masterlanguage-courses are scheduled in the second period of the first semester (November-December) and the first period of the second semester (February-April).

Found an interesting course? During the enrolment period the course descriptions feature a button that takes you straight to the enrolment form.

Masterlanguage courses are provided by lecturers from the participating universities. A ‘home university’ that the subject is formally lodged with has been indicated per subject. This is the institution listed on the course page immediately below the course title.
Alongside course enrolment at the Masterlanguage office, you also have to enrol as a student taking subsidiary courses at the ‘home university’ if this isn’t your own university. This provides access to that institution’s digital learning environment and facilities. It is important to arrange this enrolment as a student taking subsidiary courses in a timely manner.
The following provides links to each participating university’s website for subsidiary course enrolment:

After the start of a Masterlanguage course, the course coördinator receives a form in which he/she fills out the final grades for the participating students. This form is returned to Masterlanguage, where the staff sends the grades on to the university where the student is enrolled. That university will then arrange for the grade to be entered into a student’s file. This process can take between two or three weeks.

NB: if you want to have a Masterlanguage course count towards your degree, please check if that is allowed by your programme’s Board of Examiners.