Greek Epigraphy I *EDU*

Course Name

Greek Epigraphy I: genres; linguistic and literary aspects




5 or 6

Course date

semester 1 (2019 - 2020)

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06/03/2019 - 30/09/2019




M. de Bakker (UvA) & O.M. van Nijf (RUG)

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M. de Bakker

Course objectives

This course is intended for (Research-)MA students in Classics. The main genres of Greek epigraphy are introduced and samples of each are studied in depth. Linguistic and literary aspects of Greek epigraphy are also included.

Course content

In-depth introduction into Greek epigraphy from the Archaic period (dialect inscriptions included) to Late Antiquity. Students study a reader with samples of various established genres, such as political decrees, honorific decrees, funerary epigrams, and dedications. Much attention is paid to the linguistic and literary aspects of these inscriptions, and also to letter forms and dialect issues. The course also prepares its students for the use of inscriptions for educatory or research purposes.
Students take part in six workshops in which various genres are introduced and explained. For each session parts of the reader will be studied in advance and at the end the entire reader will be examined.


Written exam (graded, 100%)

Participation in workshops (AVV)

Course components

Workshops: 30 hours

Reader: 90 hours

Preparation exam: 20 hours

Total: 140 hours

Those who take the 6 EC option will study an appendix to the reader.

Background Literature and Course Materials

Reader (€10)

Further information


Workshops in October, November and December (to be arranged with participants). Place: UvA.


Level of attainment

Bachelor in Classics

Students are highly recommended to combine this course with the Masterlanguage Greek Epigraphy II course.


Students should register before 30th September 2019 via, with cc to