Important information

  • Masterlanguage courses do not automatically count towards graduation. You should ask permission from your study programme’s exam board to that end. We recommend that students apply for permission before starting a Masterlanguage course. Contact the Masterlanguage office or your master’s programme’s coordinator for more information.
  • After enrolling with the Masterlanguage office you also have to enrol as a student taking subsidiary courses at the institution the Masterlanguage course is provided at. This university is the first one listed on the course page, immediately below the course title. Please note: this does not have to correspond with the location the lectures are provided at. More information on student taking subsidiary courses enrolment can be found on the page General information under ‘enrol as student taking subsidiary courses’

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The data requested on the form is solely used for administrative purposes at the universities concerned.

Enrolment Form
Please use the student mail address of the university you are currently enrolled at.
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Have you achieved a bachelor diploma in the target language? If not, please contact the course coordinator to see if you meet the entry requirements. Masterlanguage courses are not open to bachelor students.