Travel Expenses

If you do not own a student travel card, but do take part in a Masterlanguage course, we will refund your travel expenses. You can only do this once, for all travel expenses at once, at the end of the course you took. The Masterlanguage office will only refund complete requests, so be sure to read the instructions below.

Masterlanguage only refunds 2nd class train tickets.


After your Masterlanguage course you can download and complete the expense claims form. You should claim all travel costs related to the course at the same time. The form has enough space for you to claim all your costs.
The form is intended for students with a Dutch bank account. If you require payment to a foreign bank account, please first contact the Masterlanguage office.

  • Download the form and complete it digitally. All fields are compulsory. The fields ‘WBS element’ and ‘Bedrijfsnummer SAP’ will be filled in for you by a Masterlanguage staffer.
  • Scan your receipts in the same following order as the costs are stated in the lines.
  • Combine the receipts and this form to one PDF/A file.
  • This can be done in Adobe Acrobat Pro: File – Create – Combine Files into a Single PDF – Add Files – select the completed form and the scans of your receipts – Combine Files – Save document.
  • Send the combined document to There it will be processed by a Masterlanguage staffer who will complete the form for you.

Please note: Masterlanguage will not process the claim without a scan of your travel product, original train tickets, overviews of the costs incurred, etc. The burden of proof rests with you, the claimant i.e. it is your responsibility to ensure you keep and can submit all your train tickets and the overviews of the costs incurred.

You can read how to create claim overviews for your personal OV chip card here. Unfortunately this information is only available in Dutch.