About Masterlanguage

Masterlanguage is available to MA-students who are enrolled in a language- or language teaching degree at one of the participating universities. 

I am not enrolled in a language MA, what now?

In some cases, you can still take a Masterlanguage course. Approach the course teachers to find out whether your chosen course would be of interest to you, and to see whether you meet expectations regarding previously acquired knowledge. 

If the teachers are of the opinion that you meet the entry requirements, you can register for the course through our website. Make sure to provide proof of the teacher’s approval to the Masterlanguage office through email. 

Furthermore, remember to ask permission from your Board of Examiners to include the course in your programme. Given that the Board of Examiners connected to your own programme decides whether the awarded ECTS will count towards your degree, we advise you to obtain permission before starting the course to avoid any surprises.