About Masterlanguage

Are you looking for inspiring courses in and about your favourite language? Do you love examining language and culture from a variety of perspectives? Would you like to follow courses given by experts at different universities? If so, Masterlanguage is the programme for you. 

Masterlanguage is a nationally organised course programme for master’s students in language and literature studies. If you are earning your master’s at one of the participating universities, you can take a Masterlanguage course as an elective. 

What does Masterlanguage offer?

Masterlanguage makes nation-wide expertise broadly available, thereby offering the highest quality of academic education to language and literature students throughout the Netherlands. 

What sets apart Masterlanguage education is its interdisciplinary orientation, which brings together linguistics, literature studies, cultural studies, and didactics. Furthermore, Masterlanguage offers courses focused on education itself, which highlight and elucidate the function of language education in a broad and contemporary societal context.  

Masterlanguage features courses in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Latin, and Greek. With exception of the classical languages, classes are taught in the target language, helping you to increase your proficiency even further. 

The advantages of Masterlanguage

  • An additional opportunity to deepen and broaden your master’s.
  • Courses feature an interdisciplinary orientation, bringing together linguistics, literature studies, cultural studies, communication and didactics.
  • Courses on offer that focus on education itself and its societal impact, in which you concern yourself with the future of language education.
  • You will be taking classes with motivated students from other universities, making Masterlanguage an excellent opportunity to enrich your professional network.
  • Additional deepening and broadening activities, such as cultural excursions in the Netherlands and abroad, research seminars, and guest lectures by international experts and professionals.

Want to know more?

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