How will my final grade be processed?

The course coordinator will send your grades over to the Masterlanguage office, from where they will be sent on to the university you are enrolled at. Your home university will register them for you – please note this process can take two to three weeks.

Why do I need to register as an extracurricular student?

If the Masterlanguage course of your choice is not coordinated by the university you are enrolled at, you need to sign up as an extracurricular student. The courses make use of the digital learning environment used by the coordinating university – if you are not enrolled in that system as an extracurricular student, you will not have access. Therefore, make sure to take care of registration ahead of time. 

I am not enrolled in a language master’s, can I still take a Masterlanguage course?

In some cases, you can still take a Masterlanguage course. Approach the course teachers to find out whether your course of choice would be of interest to you, and to see whether you meet expectations regarding previously acquired knowledge. If the teachers are of the opinion that you meet the entry requirements, you can register for the course through our website. Make sure to provide proof of the teacher’s approval to the Masterlanguage office through email. 

I am not in possession of a student travel product, can I get reimbursed for my travel expenses?

If you are taking a Masterlanguage course, but are not in possession of a student travel product, you can get reimbursed for your travel expenses. You should apply for this at the end of the course, so all made costs can be reimbursed at once. Masterlanguage only covers second-class train tickets. Click here [link] for more information on declarations.