This page provides information on the structure of the Masterlanguage organisation: the participating institutions, the steering committee, the programme council and the language sections.

Masterlanguage is a national collaboriaton of language and culture programmes of the following universities:

Radboud University German, Engelish, French, Greek & Latin, Dutch, Spanish
University of Groningen Duits, English, French, Italian, Greek & Latin, Dutch, Spanish
Leiden University Duits, English, French, Grieek & Latin, Italian, Dutch, Spanish
Utrecht Universiteit German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish
University of Amsterdam German, English, French, Greek & Latin, Italian, Dutch, Spanish
Vrije Universiteit English, French, Greek & Latin, Dutch, Spanish

The Masterlanguage programme council coordinates the development of the Masterlanguage course range. The council consists of a national coordinator and the seven language section chairs:

prof. dr. Norbert Corver UU, national coördinator
dr. Yvonne Delhey RU, language section chair German Duits
dr. Kees Dekker RUG, language section chair English
prof. dr. Jenny Doetjes UL, language sectionchair French
mr. dr. Rutger Allan VU, language section chair Greek-Latin
Prof. dr. Philiep Bossier UU, language section chair Italian
dr. Suzanne Aalberse RUG, language section chair Dutch
prof. dr. Helena Houvenaghel UU, language section Spanish

There are seven national language sections, one per participating language. Every section is responsible for the national education programme. A subject team consists of lecturers from the participating study programmes and is chaired by the national target language coordinator.

dr. Yvonne Delhey, RU (chair)
dr. Anna Seidl, UvA
dr. Wolfgang Kehrein, RUG
dr. Stefan Sudhoff, UU
prof. dr. Anthonya Visser, UL

dr. Kees Dekker, RUG (chair)
prof. dr. Janet Grijzenhout, UL
dr. Kristine Johanson, UvA
dr. Olaf Koeneman, RU
prof. dr. Diederik Oostdijk, VU
dr. Marcelle Cole, UU

prof. dr. Jenny Doetjes, UL (chair)
prof. dr. Alicia Montoya, RU
prof. dr. Jelle Koopmans, UvA
prof. dr. Henriette de Swart, UU
dr. Jeanette den Toonder, RUG
dr. Marjolein van Tooren, VU

Prof. dr. Philiep Bossier UU (chair)
dr. Maria Urban UvA
dr. Claudio di Felice UL
dr. Alberto Godioli RUG

Classical languages
mr. dr. Rutger Allan, VU (chair)
prof. dr. André Lardinois, RU
prof. dr. Irene de Jong, UvA
prof. dr. Ruurd Nauta, RUG
prof. dr. Ineke Sluiter, UL
prof. dr. Els Rose, UU

dr. Suzanne Aalberse, UvA (chair)
drof. dr. Jos Joosten, RU
dr. Marjo van Koppen, UU
dr. Luuk Lagerwerf, VU
dr. Geert Warnar, UL
dr. Sander Bax, TU
dr. Sandra van Voorst, RUG

prof. dr. Helena Houvenaghel, UU (chair)
dr. Maria del Carmen Parafita Couto, UL
dr. Gijs Mulder, RU
prof. dr. Shelley Godsland, UvA
dr. Konstantin Mierau, RUG