What is Masterlanguage?

MA education in your favourite language. Education provided by experts from around the country, together with students from other universities. That is Masterlanguage!

Masterlanguage is a range of MA courses for language students jointly provided by the universities. If you are a language student at one of these universities then Masterlanguage is also open to you! Alongside the range of MA courses from your own university you can also choose courses across the country. In short, additional options to find and take your course in your language!

Which languages are involved?
German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and the classics (Greek & Latin). Education in these languages (with the exception of the classics) and education about these languages! Focusing on language, literature and culture. Check out the range of courses!

Where are the courses provided?
At one of the universities. This could be your own, but sometimes you will have to travel to another university. Luckily distances are small in the Netherlands! And going to lectures at a different university is fun!

Can I take a Masterlanguage course?
You can take a Masterlanguage course if you are enrolled for a master’s programme at one of the participating universities. This programme is assigned to one of the following study programme labels: Literature, Linguistics, Ancient Cultures, Dutch Studies or a university language lecturer training programme.